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Elevate your music production skills with our 12-week Short Programmes. Learn to use FL Studio with 70% practical and 30% theoretical training to produce professional tracks. Explore complex procedures and applications used in the industry and turn your passion into a career.

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Introduction to Digital Music Production I

Digital music production software can be accessed virtually worldwide, but obtaining the skills needed to use those tools to make amazing music is what separates the...

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Digital Music Production II

The Digital Music Production II course is the perfect choice for those who want to increase their chances of getting their music play listed. This is the second co...

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Digital Music Production III

Enrol in Digital Music Production III to enhance your music production skills to a professional level. This final course in the series builds on the knowledge gain...

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Audio Mixing and Mastering

Learn from industry specialists to take your music from good to play-listed. This program focuses on mixing and mastering in Pro tools and is suitable for those who ...

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Create Your Own Track

Create your own soundtrack in 3 hours or less with our Pro Tools course. Learn step-by-step how to use the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation to make music ...

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